Digital UV Inkjet Printing

Anglia Labels invests in Domino with the N610i Digital Inkjet label press

High Print Quality at Flexo Speeds

Digital UV Inkjet Printing - Domino N610i

The smarter way to print labels

The N610i offers the versatility of digital printing combined with the speed of flexo printing. The press offers flexibility for rapid job changes, personalisation, and the very highest ink jet quality.


The vibrant UV curable inks are designed for a full range of label industry substrates including paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, boards, flexible packaging and shrink sleeves. Ideal for Industrial, home, personal care, automotive, security, health and safety, chemical, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

The best ink jet print quality

The 600dpi Kyocera print heads deliver more dots per inch than many of it’s competitive systems. This together with print head integration, precise web transport and robust components such as the Corona and UV systems, all contribute to the best print results.

Highest opacity digital white

The N610i White provides the highest opacity (at 72%) screen-like, high impact appearance, but with the operational flexibility of a digital process.

Make your labels stand out from the crowd

  1. Add value - Offer premium product branding with enhanced shelf appeal.
  2. Competitive advantage - unique textured printing capability
  3. Creative designs - textured designs on all, or part of the label
  4. Cost effective - can be used as a replacement for screen printing or as a replacement for textured substrates
  5. Personalisation - Pictures, barcodes QR codes & variable data

Domino UV90 Ink Set

Designed to deliver the widest gamut whilst also delivering the key mechanical features and benefits of ink jet over toner based digital printing technologies. Provides superior adhesion with unparalleled resistance to a wide range of temperatures, sunlight, chemical and saline attack and abrasion to maintain the highest quality through the life of the final product.

Colour Range

In today’s fast evolving retail marketplace, the importance of colour in product packaging cannot be over-emphasised. The N610i provides brand owners and designers the scope to create designs with a far wider colour gamut cost-effectively.


This is the property of the ink colourants that describe how permanent, and thus resistant to fading, they are when exposed to UV radiation. Lightfastness indicates the suitability of the ink to be used in different applications, such as outdoor use and long-term direct sun exposure requiring very good resistance to fading. Measured using the Blue Wool Scale, a widely adopted standard used to express the lightfastness of pigments and dyes, the Domino UV90 inks achieve the highest possible score of eight across a range of substrates, offering the maximum resistance to fading within the industry.

Adhesion & Abrasion

Although vital for industrial applications, adhesion and abrasion are important for all printing applications to ensure the finished goods survive the journey to shelf in optimum condition and then offer the longest possible shelf life. Tested using the industry standard cross hatch and tape tests, the Domino UV90 inks maintain full adhesion on the widest range of substrates. The degree of adhesion removes the need to pre-coat or varnish most substrate types, saving time and money.

Textures by Domino

Increased shelf edge appeal is achieved due to the highly reflective nature of the print. Unique digital textured effects can open up new applications for Domino N610i press owners. Unique textured label printing is achieved at speeds up to 50m/min. This feature can also be used to substitute premium priced textured substrates with textured print on standard paper, PP and PE materials.